Ed Frank for Las Cruces School Board
Solid leadership for our children and community.

Recent LCPS Accomplishments:

  • Class size decreased + salaries increased = improved teacher & staff morale
  • District is more financially sound than at any time in recent history
    • 2015: cash balance was 3 million, and entire staff was furloughed for 2 days
    • 2019: cash balance is 20 million
  • Creation of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) – a LCPS student sits on the dais
  • Improved security in all LCPS schools
  • Support for Community Schools, implementation of a Community School at Lynn Middle School, and support for the creation of more community schools within the district
  • Addressed the dangerous mold situation at Columbia Elementary
  • Reduced spending for administration not working in schools
  • Increased teaching staff even though enrollment is flat
  • Transparent budget development
  • Improved relationship with unions (NEA-LC & C-SEC) 
  • Bilingual department expanded, resulting in improved services for English Language Learners (ELL), and English classes offered to parents
  • Highest graduation rate among school districts with more than one high school (and also higher than the national average).